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Steam baths

Steam bath can be categorized as a wet version of the sauna. Besides being a great way to cleanse the body of harmful substances by jet heated steam under pressure, it has anti-inflammatory, resorptive, moisturizing and pain-soothing effect. As with saunas, and here can be applied with aromatherapy herbs and essential oils for a complete mental and physical relaxation of the body.

  - Roman bath is a variation of the standard steam bath. The temperature is about 45-60 ° C and a humidity of about 100%. The room is arranged in the Greek or Roman style, the walls are lined with stone or mosaic. Can be placed columns or wall mosaics of Greek and Roman motifs.
  - Turkish bath (hammam) - a variant of the standard steam bath. The temperature is about 35-55 ° C and maintained by heating the floor, walls and seats. Humidity is high 80-100% correct through steam generator. It consists of one or more rooms that are decorated in Oriental or Arabic style. Depending on the design are lined with stone, ceramic tile or glass.
  - Modular steam baths - Suitable for public and private applications. Made of acrylic - extra strong and durable material with excellent surface and vision. The modular structure allows for a variety of sizes and shapes to satisfy most customer requirements. Thus, the constructed structure of the steam bath may be covered with a variety of materials so that it will fit best in the interior.
  - Monolithic steam baths - in the exercise of such option no restrictions on the size, shape and color layout of the room. Depending on the design it can be, Turkish, Roman or Russian banya. There is an opportunity to meet every requirement of the client to get a really unique solution.

Catalog of equipment for steam bath

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